Jewish Humour

Jewish Humour

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Moshe wants a wife

An old Jewish couple has a 35 year old son, Moshe who is single and doing nothing about it. They are worried so they call up a respected matchmaker and pay her a fortune to find a match for their son. She interviews them for a couple of hours to find out what they want in a daughter-in-law. A week later, she calls them, and the son is on the phone call too.

Mr. and Mrs. Solomon, I have excellent news. I have found the perfect match for your Moshe! Listen to this! She is 25 years old.
She comes from a kosher home.
She is a fantastic cook.
She cleans.
She knows all the prayers by heart.
She wants a large family.
Her parents have a great reputation and are well off.
And on top of all this, she is drop-dead gorgeous!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon are crazy with delight, and falling all over her with thanks.
But the son asks an inappropriate question.
Moshe says, "Yenta, is she..... is she fun in know, when the lights go out?"
The parents shout, "Moshe, what kind of question is that?! The nerve!! We apologize for him, Yenta! "
Yenta says, "It's okay Mr. and Mrs. Solomon. He has the right to ask."
She takes a deep breath. "Let me be completely honest with you ..........."
"Some say yes ......some say no

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