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Jewish Humour

Friday, October 23, 2015

InsIghts From the Rebbe on Shabbat Week

Mystical Insights In The Torah Portion – Lech Licha Sefer Hasichos 5749

Lech Licha refers to the soul’s descent from heaven to earth.

The soul in Heaven is in state of union with God - then descends through the three worlds of Biriah, Yetzirah, Asiyah, descending into this world, where only miraculously, does the Omnipotent One, fuse it within a body.

Though this descent of the soul from heaven to earth, from the loftiest heights to the lowest depths,  God told Avraham, that this is where his essence will be revealed (and the essence is God-Himself, hence far greater than any other soul state.)
When the Soul is in Heaven, its true essence is obscured, for it is experiencing the infinite radiance of God. It is only on earth – in the darkness – that the soul’s inner light can express itself – through which the individual becomes a continuously growing being! which is far more lofty than whatever spiritual nirvana it experiences in heaven.
Just as the Soul must descend from Heaven to earth, similarly, the individual must move out of his comfort zone. A person must move beyond both his physical and spiritual comfort zone –
“your land” refers to your desire,
“your father’s home” refers to your mind and
“your birthplace” refers to your habits

The purpose of going from one’s place to a new place is similar to the idea of life itself – ups and downs both physical and spiritual – for in all these circumstances the purpose is to reveal the inner soul of the Jew One can only see a person’s own growth when they truly are in a completely new situation.
Lech Licha fundamentally challenges a Jew to grow – beyond the three factors that naturally shape a person, their inherent disposition, their cultural disposition and their familial disposition (which in fact is even stronger than cultural as we see empirically).

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